Jentejudo i Afghanistan

Jentejudo i Afghanistan - treningLina Ghani har jobbet lenge for å få i gang trening for jenter, og nå har hun kommet godt i gang. Vi i Judo For Fred er veldig glad for hva vi har oppnådd sammen med Lina og SCAWNO og håper at det fortsetter like bra som det startet!

Greetings from Kabul

Jentejudo i Afghanistan - gruppebilde

Greetings and respect to Marit and all JFF members: I hope that this message finds you all in great health and thanks a lot for considering funding my project.

Jentejudo i Afghanistan - matpause

Starting January 1st 2013, I started my project with the generous support and funding from JFF/NIF and with the backup of my family and all the Judo players and above the engagement of SCAWNO specially Zaki yaqubi.

Jentejudo i Afghanistan - instruksjon

All the Judo players could not believe that actually it was happening and that they have the chance to learn Judo and get together. They feelings and emotions cannot be explained in words. They hope to learn this martial sport and continue to learn it.

Jentejudo i Afghanistan - utenfor

My duty besides coaching and training them in Judo is to also look after them, making sure that they come to the club on a daily basis and get back to their homes safely, so I too commute with them going door to door to their houses and towards the club and the same after their training. I am required to do so as it was the request of their family, becausethey do not allow their daughters to go outside by their own especially when it comes to go to a club.

Jentejudo i Afghanistan - transport

After the exercise, they are served snack and they are provided with transportation from their home to the club and back forth.

Jentejudo i Afghanistan - trening

Best wishes,
Lina Ghani

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