About Judo for fred

Judo for fred is Norwegian and means “judo for peace”.

Judo for fred wants to make judo available to all children in Zambia and Afghanistan, particularly the girls. As a result of war and poverty, sports and play have been taken away from the children. We want to give it back.

The work is based on local initiatives and is mainly a volunteer effort. Judo for fred contributes with funding, equipment and know-how to make the activities possible. Today, over 1200 children in Afghanistan and Zambia practise judo as a result of this program.

Judo for fred is a committee under the Norwegian Judo Federation, and the program has been realised through countless hours of volunteer work, together with financial support from Norad and private sponsors.

Our work

Judo for fred operates several judo clubs in Afghanistan and Zambia, and our primary expenses are judo suits, mats and food for the children after practice.

We have been working in Afghanistan for more than 12 years, and over 1100 Afghan children receive food and training on a regular basis as a result of the program. We cooperate with the Afghanistan Judo Federation as well as schools, orphanages and centres for street working children.

In 2013 we started activities in Zambia, and today we run two judo clubs with almost 100 members in total. Our focus is on grassroots activities, and in Zambia we fund the operation of our two clubs, both of which are in Livingstone. One of our board members, Ida Ruiken, is in 2014–2015 working as a volunteer for the Zambia Judo Association to help with further expansion of the country’s judo activities.

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  1. Greetings to you all the way from Zambia. My name is Jonathan Kruger, I am from Kitwe,Zambia. I came across your very interesting work you are doing in Zambia through Judo. I am the senior instructor to the Kodokwan Judo Jujitsu club of Zambia which was founded in Southern and Central in 1928. I started doing Judo 30 years ago and spent seven years also training in Japan while I worked there as a Christian missionary. I work mainly with the underprivileged youth and orphans in my two community dojo here in Kitwe. Our dojo works with about 85 youth from the underprivileged community. I teach them the disciplines of Judo and Jujitsu along with Godly principles and values. I have seen many of them come out terribles situations in life to become strong leaders in their communities. Some also represent Zambia internationally with the Zambia Judo Association around Africa. Our Dojo also tries to support and help our old Zambian World War 2 veterans in their old age. Most of these old veterans live in terrible poverty. Our Judo club has had over seven students who have represented Zambia internationally in Judo. Here are our two websites with the work we do in Kitwe with the underprivileged youth and orphans in our Judo hall and on the copperbelt with the WW2 veterans at : http://www.kodokwanzambia.com http://www.medalofkar.com Keep up the tremendous work you are doing in Zambia. Thank you very much to all of you for helping our young youth in Zambia. God bless you for that. Yours sincerely Jonathan Kruger

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